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Whistleblower Policy

            CBMP has established a Whistleblower Policy to make it possible for all Employees and Business Partners of CBMP, such as suppliers, contractors, service providers, etc., to report any serious and sensitive concerns that could have an unfavourable impact on the operations, business, and corporate image of CBMP. This includes conflict of interests, theft, fraud, misappropriations, falsification of documents, financial reporting concerns, retaliation and other violation or non-compliance to policy, rules and regulations of CBMP.

Modes of Reporting

            Whistleblower incidents may be reported through any of the following:

• E-mail:
• SMS message or Call: 0998-962-9675
• Mail or Direct submission to Secretariat/Assigned-in-Charge: Corp. Audit Dept.

            The details of the reporting channels are provided to employees and Business Partners of CBMP. Anonymous report is accepted but the whistleblower is encouraged to identify oneself and provide sufficient information to facilitate the investigation.


            In the event that whistleblower report is received by the Secretariat, this will be endorsed to the Whistleblower Committee for investigation to identify the certainty and validity of the report. If necessary, the Committee may seek external assistance from law firm.

Disciplinary Actions

            If all Committee members confirm the certainty and validity of the report after the investigation, the employee involved will be subjected to Disciplinary actions, in accordance with CBMP Policy.


            Identity of all whistleblower as well as the reports will be handled with strict confidentiality and will be used for investigation purposes only, unless otherwise compelled by law or competent court.

Protection of Whistleblower

            CBMP will ensure that no discriminatory or retaliatory action will be imposed against any employees or business partners who reported such concerns, provided this is made in good faith. However, CBMP reserves the right to take appropriate action should the report or information provided is found to be false, malicious, with ulterior motive or for personal gain.