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Social and Recreational Activities

            CBMP as a manufacturing company does not only focus in delivering excellent products to external costumers but also committed to promote good environment and establish harmonious relationship to each employee. This is being done through implementation of activities that can create camaraderie, enhance personal hobbies, and promote life and work balance.

            In order to further foster the Company’s Philosophy, Kyosei, “Living and working together towards common good”, CBMP has created activities:


  • Enchanted Kingdom (Theme Park) Refresh, Relax, Revive: CBMP Summer Vibes!

Groupie with Eldar.

Enjoying the rides in fying fiesta.

Groupie with the team.

Ekstreme Tower.

Fan meeting.

Wheel of faith.



  • OCTOBER 2022 CBMP Sports Fest (Indoor Activity)

  • AUGUST 2022 Wellness Fair (EEC Special Activity - in Coordination with Health Care Provider

  • JUNE 2022 EEC Special Activity – Parent’s Day

  • APRIL 2022 Simultaneous Summer Activity inside CBMP premises

Ham Distribution.

Group Performance.

Group Performance.

Enjoying the party.

Performance of Side A Band.

Non-Stop Party.

Indoor Activity
(Minute to Win It)

Indoor Activity
(Pinoy Genius)

Free Massage

Token from health care provider

Free consultation

Discounted Price for Vitamins

Parent’s Day Poster Making

Parent’s Day Scavenger Hunt

CBMP Mr. and Ms. Summer

Summer Photo Booth Mini-Indoor Games

Free ice cream on cup during lunch break

Token distribution


  • Ok-Tober Gamefest

  • Parents Day - Photo Remake Contest

  • Importance of COVID-19
    Vaccine Jingle

  • CBMP Summer Treats

Sportsfest turn to a non physical non sports game.

Playing in silent. Puzzle game

Quiz bee game activity using white board and a marker.

Battle of the brain games.

1st placer of photo remake

2nd placer of photo remake

3rd Placer of the photo remake

Health is for all. Get Vaccinated.

Get your Vaccine on.

Being vaccinated is not just protecting your self those around us to.

Don’t be afraid to get your shot.

Indoor summer breeze ambiance at canteen area.

Member following social distancing while claiming their free mouth watering halo-halo.

Canteen personnel dressed in summer themed.

Summer Vibe at Canteen!


  • COVID-19 Protocol Christmas Jingle

  • Poster-making
    “How to Fight COVID-19”

How to fight COVID 19 Jingles with the spirit of Christmas

Christmas is all merrier when employee are following protocols.

Keeping in mind COVID 19 preventive measure.

Importance of hand washing whilst at work during pandemic period.

Poster making contest with the theme: How to fight COVID-19

CBMP employee doing a master piece poster.

Colorful poster outputs from all participants.

1st Placer of the poster making competition.


  • Year-End Party

  • Music Festival

  • Fun-pering Day

  • Summer Outing

A rock performance by CBMP employee performance!

CBMP One Track One Rock theme Year-end Party

Cueshe band seems in a concert at CBMP ground and rocking the night.

Exciting rocking and rolling Raffle draw headed by CBMP President and FM.

The Crowd was so entertained by the performer singing in solo.

CBMP Employee are not just good at work but talented as well!

Entertaining band performance by CBMP employee.

CBMP employees showing support to all the performer.

Enjoyable group the color game.

After fun games the employee enjoying pamper massage!

Stack up game played with cheerfulness.

Employee participated to play fun games after work.

Summer is here, CBMP family let’s give a big cheer!

Candidates of Mr. & Ms. CBMP Summer 2019 wearing their best summer outing outfits.

Awarding of Mr. & Ms. CBMP Summer 2019 from MD2 and PUR Division

Horray! CBMP members enjoying the refreshing and splashing water.


  • Year-End Party

  • Summer Outing

Year End Party with a theme of Dazzling Night of Denim and Diamonds

Great opening performance from our Employee Engagement Committees.

Outstanding performance from CBMP employees!

Ends the dazzling night with a huge smiles from the Contest Winners.

Summer has begun, CBMP Family let’s have fun!

Lively Zumba dance with the breathtaking view.

CBMP members’ enjoying the Summer Heat!

Awesome games enjoyed by CBMP employees!


  • Year-End Party

  • Sports Fest

  • Summer Outing

CBMP Family goes to Hollywood!

Very impressive performance by CBMP employees.

Fabulous Hollywood Variety Show performance from the great group of CBMP employees.

CBMP members had a good time partying!

For the first time, CBMP runners conquer the 5k route.

Chess players are strategizing their smart moves.

Intense and exciting game between two teams of Mixed Volleyball Game.

Badminton players showing excellent skills to win the Championship.

One big shot in Men’s Basketball Game.

CBMP employees are enjoying the Basketball Women Game.

Cheer dancers performing their awesome and synchronized steps.

CBMP expats giving their amazing toss in Exhibition Match.

Enthusiastic Zumba Dance by CBMP employees

Employees enjoying the Banana Boat Ride

CBMP members’ fun-filled Sack Race

CBMP Family: Splashing fun, Under the Sun!


  • Year End Party

  • Sports Fest

  • Summer Outing

Group dancing to a lively, intense and upbeat groove.

Dancers hitting the floor with their nationalistic performance.

Acapella performance from the fantastic group of CBMP employees.

Lovely employees singing joyous Christmas songs.

Canon Runners 2016

Settling the score and playing like champions.

Serving strong and spiking hard volleyball players.

Rocking out the racquets.

Gathered together to celebrate one event: Summer Outing 2016 at Club Manila East, Taytay, Rizal

Beach vibes: This wave pool gives you nothing like the ocean waves

Surprise Birthday Party for Mr. Yamada

More activities, more fun! Team members cooperating to win the Leaky Pipe Challenge


  • Year-End Party

  • Company Anniversary

  • Sports Fest

  • Summer Outing

Year End Party Theme: Dance Fever

Japanese Expats Special Number

CBMP Employees showing what they got during Year-End Party 2015

The CBMP Crowd

CBMP 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration

Personally signed by Mr. President to show appreciation of employee’s hard work and dedication

Mr. President personally giving away chocolates and appreciation letter to CBMP employees

Greetings from the Expats

Parade of teams during the first day of Sportsfest

Exciting basketball game between two teams

Fun Run Activity

The champions in the Basketball Women’s category

CBMP Summer Outing at Matabungkay, Batangas

Yell competition with a theme of “One Big Family”

Summer Outing will never be fun without games

Employees enjoying the boat ride


  • Year-End party

  • Sports Fest

  • Summer Outing

“One Family, One Heart is the theme of the 2014 Year-end party”

One of the party’s highlight is the variety contest which showcase the talents of CBMP employees

The chosen Male and Female Best performer in the variety contest shows more of their talent

Employees dance along as the guest host “Osang” performs in the stage

Parade of players during the Sports fest Opening Ceremony

Players during their oath-taking ceremony

Players prepare as the first set begins on the volleyball championship game

Employees pull out a very intense but fun game during the basketball championship round

Employees spent one fun-filled day to enjoy the summer at Laiya White Cove.

Employees show off their strength as they played the tug-of-war against other division

The Summer Buddy Beautiful Contestants having their intermission number

Employees arrived at the venue


  • Year-End Party

  • Summer Outing

As part of CBMP’s sympathy to all Yolanda victims, CBMP held a thanksgiving dinner

Employees signing in the registration area prior the event

Employees are having fun watching as the guest hosts interview some of the Japanese Expats

Some employees taking pictures at the photo booth area

Zumba at the beach by CBMP employees

Employees are enjoying while they are dancing to the beat

Banana boat ride

Fun games was also prepared for the employees


  • Year-End Party

CBMP employees perform a sing and dance act in the 2012 Year-end Party

Some employees who were candidate for the best dress took the stage as they show their outfit for the night.

CBMP employees prepared a special intermission number

Everyone had a really great night as they took the center stage and dance all out.